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Where I’ve Been + Mental Health Struggles

Where I’ve Been + Mental Health Struggles


As I write out this blog post, I won’t lie, I’m struggling. I’m so tired but I know if I don’t bang this out today, I’m just going to continue procrastinating and then I’ll never end up coming back to my blog.

In all honesty, I’ve just been really demotivated, anxious, and a little depressed. In fact, the reason why I’m so tired is because I was up til 4AM last night unable to sleep (thank you anxiety) and I had to wake up at 8AM for work. Now don’t get too excited, I don’t even open up to therapists about my mental health so I’m definitely not going to go into detail on such a public platform. Howevaaa, I’ll scratch the surface on the topic.

To be quite frank, I’ve been extremely mentally tired lately. I was waiting for news on whether or not I’d be permanently staying at my job, I ended things with someone I’d been seeing, I’ve been questioning what I want to do in life, and I’ve had so many business ideas but none of which have come to fruition. I just feel like there’s so much to do and not enough time, resources, or energy to do so. Impending doom, old friend, is that you?

Anyway, with that being said, I really do love blogging. It’s fun, it opens up discourse, and I can talk all the shit I want. So obviously, it’d only make sense for me to actually stay consistent with it, right? Easier said than done. Regardless, I’m going to try to make the effort every week to get out at least one blog post. I’ve had some really interesting things happen to me lately like tarot readings, a breakup, travels, new music, job opportunities, blah blah blah, the list goes on.

Hopefully, I’ll continue to spark your interest in me and the things I have to say. I’m also always open to suggestions and I love giving advice. I’m very blunt and borderline rude but I’m realistic and honest so feel free to slide in my DMs at any time.

In the meantime,

Sealnation out, xo.


You can call me seal, sealie, sealnation, or your favorite blogger. I love French bulldogs, the Kardashians, Cardi B, and anything with carbs and sugar.

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