Celebrating My 23rd Birthday With A Mariachi Band, a Photo Booth, Don Julio, and Teresa Mendoza

Celebrating My 23rd Birthday With A Mariachi Band, a Photo Booth, Don Julio, and Teresa Mendoza

Hey hey,

So your girl is officially 23 years old. What a milestone to have made it to. I know it seems so young but I feel like I’m getting old as hell!

I didn’t want to write one of those cheesy “23 things I’ve learned since turning 23” because I feel like those are so disingenuous. I mean what have I learned before even making it to a quarter century? How to bullshit on my resume and tolerate tequila? Lol, instead, I just wanted to talk about my festivities because I honestly had the weekend of a lifetime!

So, to start, on the Friday, my girl Moyo flew in from Texas but I was getting my wig laidt so Pamela picked her up at the airport. That night, I had plans to bring 30-40 of my closest friends to a restaurant in the East end of Ottawa called Taqueria La Bonita. The drinks were amazing, the food was lackluster but the vibe of the restaurant was so cute. We had a whole section that was private for just us and even so, there was no one else in the restaurant.

I wore a sparkly, baby pink dress and I sported a blonde wig with a pink, glittery eye shadow look. To be honest, I looked pretty kunt and even though it was extra as fuck, I wanted all the attention in the world that night. The dress is from Fashion Nova

Birthday Barbie!

At the restaurant, I barely ate because I was too excited so I just ordered some huge ass drink instead. I mean the size of a baking bowl huge, mixed with multiple types of alcohol. I did order a burrito with rice and the flavor was tasty but it wasn’t the best food I’ve ever had. That said, I was also mad distracted because we had a photo booth provided to us by LexiBooth and obviously, since I’m so extra, I hired a mariachi band, Los Paisanos, to come play some of my favorite Latino songs.

After we finished at the restaurant, we went to a shisha spot where I downed a bottle of Don Julio that I paid around $90 for, sigh, but it went down so smoothly. This led to me getting super fucked up (drink responsibly) and puking a whole bunch when we got back to my hotel. Fortunately, I woke up hangover-free, we stan!

Whole lotta gang!

Anyway, on Saturday, I had a whole day of doing tourist-y things with Moyo and Fernando, who was flying in from LA, ahead of me. I brought them downtown and we went to Rideau Centre, the ByWard Market, Lansdowne, and obviously, my favorite restaurant, Lone Star. When our day was done, I dropped them off at their hotel and went back to my Air BNB to get ready.

Obviously, I couldn’t have a flawless weekend because as soon as I got back to my Air BNB, my guts decided to hit the bubble. Regardless, somehow, my stomach didn’t hit the quan for too long, and I was able to convert myself into a silvery angelic Goddess. I should also say that I saved a lot of time on getting ready because I got my makeup done at MAC. Glam! My dress, and I’ve only admitted it to a few people, was from AliExpress! Yes, bitch, you read that right, Ms Ali came through for me chile! This is the direct link to the dress and it fits like a glove.

Anyway, on the Saturday, I had a couple people over at my Air BNB for a pre-drink where there was a ton of tequila, snacks, and obviouuuusly photo ops! I ended up celebrating my birthday at The Hudson Nightclub and it was a really good time. When my bottles were brought out, they were accompanied with a cardboard cutout of the queen of the south herself, ms Teresa Mendoza and it was like the coolest thing ever. Also, thanks to Fusion, I literally got to hear all of my favorite Cardi B tracks and it was such a moment! We just had to stan lol.

With that being said, I know this post is like 5 months late but I just get so lazy. I really wanted to let everyone who was there just how much I appreciate them for coming and just how much fun I had! Whether you came for one night or both, I appreciate you and you’re so special in my life! Enjoy ALL the photo booth pics down below.

To my brothers, Vegas, Fernie and Moyo, and everyone else that helped make this such a success, love you the long way!


Teresa Been Mendoza ;P


Always pimpin, never simpin, baby!

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