How to Make Pupusas Salvadoreñas featuring My Mom!

How to Make Pupusas Salvadoreñas featuring My Mom!

Hey bebes,

It’s your favorite foodie here and I have a special guest today, my mom!

Ever since this quarantine hit, I’ve seriously been craving pupusas like no other. Ottawa has a few Salvi restaurants but they’re so expensive and I hate ordering food lol.

That said, my mom and I decided to try making pupusas for the first time ever in BOTH our lives! And let me tell you, they came out delicious – I’m honestly shocked by our talents.

Now, I promise I’ll get back to writing and posting actual blogs but I’ve just been having way too much fun with YouTube. Make sure you check out my video below to see how we make them and how they turn out. I’ll also leave the ingredients below.

Pupusas de queso con jalapeño:
– Masa (dough) made using corn flour mixed with water
– Mozzarella cheese
– Havarti cheese
– Jalapeño
– Green Peppers
– Sour cream

Salsa de tomate:
– Tomato
– Green pepper
– Sweet onion
– Sazon
– Sugar
– Black Pepper

– Cabbage
– Apple Vinegar
– Sweet Onion
– Rice vinegar
– Black pepper
– Salt

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