I Went To See A Tarot Reader And Here Are My Thoughts

I Went To See A Tarot Reader And Here Are My Thoughts

Buon giorno,

I hope all is good and everyone is eating their vegetables. I know I’m the worst and I said I would post weekly but uh… the way my procrastination is set up, chile. With that being said, I’m officially out of a second job so I’ll have far more time to focus on blogging. Amazzzziiinnnggggggg.

Since it’s Halloween this week (well, at the time, it was) I figured I’d write a blog post about my tarot reading experience because #spooky.

My interest in tarot all started when I got to talking about paranormal shit with my coworker, Zoe (hay gurl). At some point in our conversation, Zoe brought up her experience with a tarot reader named Rhonda. She told me all about it and how the predictions were pretty spot on. Naturally, I was intrigued so I emailed Rhonda to inquire about a reading however, when she actually responded, I chickened out.

Flash forward to a few months later and my friend Pam had started tarot reading. She would get me to ask questions so she could practice using the cards and on God, those cards were spot on accurate. They could identify the astrological signs of the people involved in the questions, they could express how stories had unfolded, and the advice they gave me always resonated. After a few readings with Pamela, I knew I had to see Rhonda.

Since I’m such a pussy, I brought Pamela along with me and we got a 241 deal on our readings. Arriving at Rhonda’s, she lived in a fairly normal neighborhood, inside a fairly normal condo with very little to indicate that she read tarot. Appearance-wise, Rhonda looked like your typical middle-aged white lady. None of the brujaja bullshit you see on TV – just a white woman in the suburbs.

On the table, laid out, was the Rhider-Waite tarot deck and 5 or 6 oracle decks. I sat down across the table from Rhonda and she told me about how she got into it, why I shouldn’t be scared, how tarot is not demonic, the different types of energies, yadda yadda yadda, boring introductory stuff. When we began my reading, Rhonda asked me to choose 2-3 oracle decks and tell her my questions. I let her know I was looking for more a of general reading but that I wanted tea on my love life… typiiiical. She started off by telling me that my energy was very grounded and strong which is a good thing. Then she got me to split the Rhider-Waite deck (which by the way, is your standard tarot deck), and put my energy into the cards. 

In terms of basic messages, one of the first things she told me was not to travel in 2020 because of something to do with the universe’s timing. Unfortunately, I knew this was advice I’d have to skip out on because girl… lol. She then told me she could see me cutting off some friends this year and to be frank, I’ve actually cut off or limited my time with quite a few people since the reading. The gag is that happened organically, not because I sought to do so as a result of the reading. She also mentioned sensing that I was some sort of a clairvoyant in a past life which is freaky because I’ve thought that before as well. 

La Santa Muerte tarot deck – My first deck and my favorite. My baby.

Most of the reading was centered around my career. Rhonda told me she could see me in something media-related, being a leader not a boss, and that I should really invest into my own business. Which I mean, okay, yea but with what money? We broke out here! She also let me know I’d be successful but didn’t say anything about being rich or famous, which? hello? So I mentioned my government job and she told me she didn’t see me working here or having a boss forever which honestly, I could’ve told you myself.

When it came to talking about my love life, she said that both my ex and the man I was seeing at the time were Mr. Right Now’s, not Mr. Right. Sad, huh? Turns out she was right because neither of them are in my life as I type this out. Additionally, she let me know I’d be meeting the man for me in Summer 2020 and that I should just have fun in the meantime. I’ll keep you posted on if the Romeo to my Juliet comes around.

Other than that, the reading was very, very generalized as I didn’t want to ask questions that would give me answers I didn’t want. I paid $65 for 30 mins and it actually ended up being an hour long. Rhonda was also super kind and welcoming. That said, she didn’t really tell me anything I wasn’t already aware of, it was more like advice to take

Would I go to a tarot reader again? Yes, of course, in a heartbeat. I still ask Pam’s cards questions and I’ve started my own readings with my decks. Would I recommend it?  Suresies. As opposed to contrary belief, it’s not scary or demonic and can be very insightful. If you’re scared to know what the “future” holds, don’t ask questions where the answer might not be favorable. 

Check out Rhonda here.

Follow Pam and I’s tarot page (still in development lol).


Xo, Seal.


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