My 2018 Year In Review

My 2018 Year In Review

Hola Bebecitos!

Honestly, this article is late AF. To be honest, I was planning on writing this and posting it alongside a video but I… never got around to filming the video, hence the tardiness.

That being said, I still wanted to write this article so that in a year from now, I can look back and see how far I’ve come. Basically, I’m just going to talk about my accomplishments, my failures, and my goals for 2019. I’ll do three for each category!

Cheers To That: My Accomplishments

Okay so I debated kicking this shit off with my accomplishments or my failures and I figured I would start this off on a positive note. 2018 was honestly a really good year for me unlike so many people on Twitter. All I would see as I scrolled down my timeline was how shitty 2018 was for so many of y’all but fortunately, for me, it was amazing.

For starters, I graduated university, baby! I know right, who would’ve though I’d actually make it so far in my academic career. It was definitely miserable and I hated every step of the way but I learned so much about myself, I made great friends, and I went to some sick ass parties. But that’s about it. Everything else sucked. That said, this little piece of paper has opened my doors to salaried careers, more opportunities and networking experiences so I guess it’s safe to say it was somewhat worth it! That said, y’all think it can it also get me a one way trip to Thailand? No? Okay.

Moving on, I also started my first ever salaried career! It sounds so crazy to say but I’m really an adult now. I won’t spill the beans on where I work but let’s just say my LinkedIn holds all my secrets. Starting my career off has been quite the journey and it definitely wasn’t easy finding a job I’d enjoy right out of university. Yet, everyday, I get to look out of my window to the view of all of downtown Ottawa, I do work I actually enjoy, and I’m making bank. Praise the Lord!

Lastly for my accomplishments, and this is honestly a huge one for me, I traveled. I traveled like I had no bills to pay and I traveled like there was no tomorrow. In the span of 7 months, I visited Mexico, NYC, Miami, and El Salvador. I also made a few short trips to Toronto and Montreal, as I do every year, but I’m most proud of my international trips. I was able to discover new cultures, foods, and of course, more about myself. This year, I plan to travel every statutory holiday even if it burns a little hole in my pocket!

Little Havana, Miami

Take The L: My Failures

Now, it wouldn’t be fair if I described my life as picture perfect because that would be far from the truth. Although 2018 was an amazing year, I did go through some things and they did set me back.

First and foremost, my boyfriend of 2.5 years and I broke up. For the last time. Or so I say. Honestly, those two and some change years were definitely on and off but you know when the vibe is just off during one of those breakups and you actually think to yourself “yea, okay, this is it. I’m officially single and we’re done for good”? Well, that’s how I’ve felt since the last breakup but I’m not sure what the future holds, just being honest. The breakup hurt but I learned a lot about myself and I’m definitely doing a lot better now so I think it was for the best.

RIP, lol.

Next up, I accumulated more debt than I should have. I mean in between travelling, not getting my contract renewed, and my horrible online shopping addiction, I definitely have a lot more debt than I’m proud to say. Regardless, I’m really making the efforts to curb this dangerous habit and I’m paying my credit cards as quickly as I can. Surprisingly, my credit score still isn’t too bad (I think it’s in the 700’s) but I want to keep it at a good level.

And last but not least, I met zero of my fitness goals. Flat stomach and fat ass did not happen, I still ate like shit, and I would go to the gym for a week before stopping for about a month. All in all, this year, I really want to get a good gym routine going and I want to stop eating out. I find that’s how I gained so much weight and although to others, it’s not necessarily obviously visible, I can still feel it and I, personally, can definitely see it.

New Year, New Me: My Goals

Okay, my three goals for this year, hmm. You’d assume I’d base these around my failures and you’re sort of right but there’s a little tweaking I want to do.

For starters, I want to SAVE money, like REALLY save money. By that, I mean I want to save enough to buy a condo or a house in the next year or two. I want to save at least 30-40% of my paychecks and I want to learn more about investing.

For my next goal, I want to achieve that flat stomach, fat ass body I was talking about earlier. Not only do I want to look better but I want to feel better. I don’t want to feel sluggish, tired, bloated, moody, or whatever else, I want to be the best me possible. I want to stay consistent in the gym and actually keep it that way.

And last but not least, I want to create as much content as possible. Whether it’s on YouTube, CityinThree, this blog, or for other platforms, I just want to keep on creating. I won’t write down a frequency but I’m definitely holding myself to some expectations.

So, that’s it! Those are my successes, my failures, and my goals. Life’s not a race and there’s no deadline to becoming a better you but there’s no shame in starting today. If you can relate, be sure to drop a comment!




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