So, Who Is Sealnation?

So, Who Is Sealnation?

Sealnation is the girl of your dreams; she’s funny, pretty, outgoing, and confident.

Wait, you mean to tell me this isn’t a dating site? Alright, well then, that’s a little awkward.

Um okay, how would I describe Sealnation to a friend? I guess you could say, it’s sort of my alter ego? It’s an identity that allows me to be loud, bold, and a little outlandish. I mean, I don’t have like, multiple personality disorder or anything like that. However, we obviously live in an era where digital communications, such as social media, have sort of taken over and personally, I find it’s a lot wiser to just have an online identity that doesn’t mimic your IRL identity to avoid any real life repercussions! So with that being said, this is pretty much where you’ll get to meet my creative, controversial, no-filter identity.

As you’ll see the more you read into this little blog post, I’m a fairly simple person. I guess I could say I’m an introvert but a social one at that. I have a lot of acquaintances but not many friends. I don’t trust easy and I’ll usually hate you before I like you… Just Scorpio things, right?

My mom’s from El Salvador and my dad is from Guinea but I’m definitely a lot closer to the Latino side of my family simply because my dad lives in Spain so I don’t see him often. With that said, I speak Spanish, French, and English so I’m trilingual but my brain usually just mixes them all into one. Wheww…

I have a few really close friends that’ll I’ll probably reference every now and then and they could literally write a tell-all exposé about my life if I ever became famous. I’m also the proud parent of a beautiful baby Betta fish named Harry and I’m totally obsessed with him. I couldn’t tell you how much money I’ve spent on him but just know, he owns my heart.

In addition to that, I just graduated university! So, I’m officially a graduate with an honours degree in Communication and Media Studies and I couldn’t be more excited because university literally dragged me to Hell and back.

Now, I’ll admit, I just took two sleeping pills and I’m not entirely sure if what I’m writing makes sense so I’ll try and keep it simple by doing one of those cute little ice breaker introductions.

My age: at the time of this post, 21

My birthday: November 17th, 1996

My horoscope: Sun in Scorpio, Moon in Aquarius, and rising in Capricorn… lol. I’m a little crazy.

My favorite artist: It was Kanye til’ he kind of let the beat go off, so now it’s Ozuna

My favorite movie: Crocodile Dundee, 100%

My favorite TV show: Right now, Guerra de Idolos but once Queen of the South is back, it’s a wrap

Anyway, that’s all for today because these pills are really kicking in.

Xoxo, Sealie


Always pimpin, never simpin, baby!

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