Unpopular Opinion: Removing Likes On Instagram Is Stupid

Unpopular Opinion: Removing Likes On Instagram Is Stupid

Hola bebecitos,

I know I posted a story on my Instagram about how I wouldn’t be uploading a blog post this week because I broke a nail and it really fucking hurts but here I am.

This past week, I’ve seen so many IG posts and tweets about Instagram removing the like feature from its’ platform. Now, it seems there’s a bit of miscommunication when it comes to this because instead of completely removing the feature, the company is simply modifying it. To elaborate, you’ll still be able to double tap a photo and see who else has liked the photo but instead of being able to see how many people have liked it, you’ll have to actually physically count the amount yourself.

My question is, what’s the fucking point lol?

It just seems so pointless to me, honestly. You get rid of likes and then what? The person posting the photo can still see how many likes they got; you can still pull up someone else’s impression metrics; and the best part? You can still see other people’s follower count. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not for or against removing the option to view someone else’s post likes however, it feels like we’re coddling and babying people who get upset because they’re not getting x amount of likes.

Are people really that reliant on the validation they get from social media? Seriously, has it actually gotten to the point where people are so fixated on the attention they’re receiving online that we need to modify and alter a feature of the platform that has been around for over 10 years? It’s just so pathetic to me especially considering the fact that follower counts will remain publicly visible.

If Instagram really wanted to coddle people and their emotions, they would just remove both the follower count and the like feature. I mean, realistically speaking, you’re usually deemed an “influencer”, and I use that term lightly, when you have around 10,000 followers and up, not when you start to reach x amount of likes. Likes aren’t really taken into consideration when labeling someone an influencer. Yes, engagement is obviously “important” and looked at when brands are reaching out however, as long as you hit your 10% like to followers ratio, which is not hard to get, you’re basically set.

Additionally, to put it in perspective, I don’t even think I’ve ever sat down and actually discussed my IG likes or someone else’s with my friends. Have you? From my personal experiences, if the topic is ever brought up, the focus mainly revolves around the follower count because like I said, it’s the most relevant aspect.

Personally, I don’t really care if people can see the amount of likes I get or the amount of followers I have and I don’t understand how other people do. I feel like your self-esteem and your value of self must be very low if you’re so worried about something that doesn’t even impact you IRL (referring to non-influencers, I’ll get to influencers in a sec). In the words of Tyler the Creator, “Hahahahahahahaha How The Fuck Is Cyber Bullying Real Hahahaha Nigga Just Walk Away From The Screen Like Nigga Close Your Eyes Haha”.

Essentially, if you’re that upset because your photo didn’t get 100 likes, literally delete the photo or log off Instagram, it’s the fucking internet.

Now about those influencers whose livelihood depends on their followers and likes. Yes, the ones that you’re laughing at and kiking at over the prospect of them losing their jobs (y’all are weird). Guess what? They’re not going anywhere. Influencers will still exist, bay bee! Why? Because the double tap feature still fucking exists! They’re still able to provide brands with their engagement rates and metrics. On top of that, IG is not the end all, be all source of income for these influencers. Many of them are modeling, acting, YouTubing, and live streaming (where, by the way, likes are still visible), or alternatively, they own their own swimsuit, eyelash, or sportswear collection. Ever heard of multiple streams of income? Yea, the bag don’t stop. Influencers are annoying and socially tone deaf but a lot smarter than you’d probably think.

With all this being said, if the removal of *likes* actually helps you feel better about yourself, then all power to ya but I suggest you visit a therapist to gain some of that self-esteem back. I really don’t mean to be rude, I just can’t take this internet shit seriously and I cannot fathom how someone else would. If it’s not paying you, feeding you, or fucking you, why do you care?! Post your travel photo or photo of your cat and go on with your day; why are you so fixated on the amount of likes you or someone else is getting anyway?

Regardless, it is what it is and I’m not judging you if this modification actually does make you feel better. I think I’m just frustrated by the fact that we’ve gotten to an age and society where millennials are being coddled and babied for every little thing.


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