Why I Wouldn’t Go Back To Rolling Loud Festival

Why I Wouldn’t Go Back To Rolling Loud Festival

Sup y’all!

I hope you were able to enjoy my last post where I talked about the Nicky Jam concert I attended in Montreal. In that post, I talked about all my recent travels including my trip to Miami for Rolling Loud. Now, I promised you guys I would write all about my experience so here we are.

For starters, I just want to mention that I love travelling to Miami. It’s gorgeous, there’s a lot of Latino influence, the beaches are warm, and there’s so much to do. It’s definitely one of my favorite spots to go to for a quick, getaway trip whether I’m travelling solo, with my girls, or with a significant other. I would recommend Miami as a travel destination in a heartbeat.

With that being said, when I went to Miami the last time, it was for Rolling Loud Festival’s 5th year anniversary special. Cardi B was set to perform and honestly, that was all the convincing I needed to purchase my ticket. Other headliners included Migos, Travis Scott, Kid Cudi, City Girls, Blueface, Saweetie, Lil Baby, Gunna, Megan thee Stallion, Lil Durk, and more. So all in all, even though I was mainly going for Cardi, the lineup was dope and I was excited. 

Miami, baybbeee

I got to Miami on a Thursday night and the concert was from Friday to Sunday so Thursday, Nikou and I, who arrived first, just ate, smoked shisha, and sleptttttt. The next morning, my girl AJ showed up so we got brunch and lounged by the pool. The festival didn’t start until 4PM so we figured we had time since we mainly wanted to see Cardi and she wasn’t performing until later at night.

Yea, little did we know, we were finessing ourselves. For starters, Pam caught a later flight than all of us and took forever in getting to the hotel. We had to wait for her because if she had Ubered to the festival by herself, it would’ve been over $100 USD. Additionally, thanks to traffic, getting to the festival took over an hour from South Beach (normally an ETA of 25mins). This caused us to miss City Girls, Young M.A., Lil Durk, and Lil Yachty.

The biggest L we caught that night however, was not having our wristbands. I guess when you’re outside of the US, Rolling Loud doesn’t ship your wristband to you and you need to pick it up at will call. We figured that would only take us 5-10 mins since it was already around 8PM and will call had been open since 12PM that afternoon. Yea, no. The line for will call wrapped halfway around the Hardrock Stadium and if you Google it, you’ll know what I mean when I say that line was LONG. Literally, it felt like the Hunger Games for your wristband. There was a security guard at the end of the line who estimated the wait would only be about an hour. We figured since Cardi wasn’t on until 9:50, an hour was more than enough time. By 9PM, we hadn’t even made it around the corner of the stadium and panic ensued. 

I was not about to waste an outfit.

By the 1h30 mark, we contemplated just taking our L and going home because we were nowhere near the front of the line. I felt sooo defeated because if you know me, you know Cardi is my GIRL. I traveled all the way out there just to see her and this was supposed to be my first time seeing her live. After a whole lotta back and forth, AJ told us to just shut the fuck up and stay in line because if we didn’t get our wristbands that night, we’d have to wait in the same line the next day (ahh, that Capricorn rationale). We said a little group prayer and kept waiting. By 9:45, we were sort of close to the will call office so I figured I would miss a little part of Cardi’s set and I would just take the L.

At least, I’d see Cardi. 

By 10PM, I started getting nervous as we were still in line. I hopped on Twitter and there were tweets going around that her set was postponed. I think God listened to the group prayer we said earlier because Glory be to God, huh?! Eventually some lady that worked for the festival came up to everyone waiting in line and let us know there was another will call station with literally no one in line, SMH, thanks lady. Although I was wearing a zero-support star bralette (see outfit photos), Nikou and I decided to sprint for it while Pam and AJ held down our spot in the original line because we didn’t want to lose our spot in case this worker lady was wrong. Nearly the entire line behind us had left at that point because girl, 2 hours just for an ugly wristband? Whew. 

Anyway, we ended up getting our wristbands finally, and thanks to fake gunshots, Cardi’s set was delayed so I got to watch it from start to finish. I left the festival feeling more ecstatic than ever albeit exhausted, sweaty, and with pouffy hair. Because we’re fiends, we knew we couldn’t miss out on clubbing in Miami so we skipped Migos, got back to the hotel to change and drink, got to the club around 3AM, and stayed at the club until 5am. We ended up paying $80 for shisha; a disaster, litrrraaally a disaster.

LMFAO fuglass pic

The next day, we were hungover as shit so we decided to lounge around all day at the beach and pool, and just relax. We knew we didn’t want to get to the festival  until later but we really underestimated how long it would take us to get there. By 1PM, everyone was tired and just wanted to nap. By 3PM, no one had eaten. You see where this is going. We ended up getting to the festival late as Hell again because of traffic and getting into the festival so we missed Blueface’s performance.

Once we were in, it was sort of just underwhelming. Some of us were hungry, others were thirsty so our group split up and it was just a hot mess. We ended up waiting for about 45 minutes to get on the ferris wheel and the 2 minutes that we were on were fun, I guess. Because we wanted to go clubbing yet again, we skipped out on Travis Scott’s performance which was the dumbest thing we could’ve done.

Fat Joe did tell me I was pretty that night though.

Now, Rolling Loud is 3 days so you must be thinking, “girl I know you redeemed yourself on the last night” and the truth is hell no, I did not. I sold the fuck out of my wristband and spent all day Sunday smoking shisha, eating, and swimming. As a matter of fact, there was a tropical thunderstorm that day so I’m glad I didn’t go.


Rolling Loud can definitely be an amazing time if you’re really into the festival scene. I loved dressing up in crazy outfits, meeting new people, the visuals, as well as the overall vibe. If you can stand people and crowded places, then I would recommend going to Rolling Loud in a heartbeat. A lot of my issues could’ve also been avoided with better organization and time management but hey, it was vacay! I just wanted to relax.

Personally, I honestly absolutely despise festivals, large crowds, and loud ass spaces. So, why the fuck did I go, right? Well, I was mainly motivated by the mere presence of Cardi B but simultaneously figured the festival would be a fun time because Miami and hip hop, amiright? Nah. Turns out it’s really not for me. I can’t picture myself ever going again.

I’ll take my comfortably assigned concert seats over 3 days of wyt people pretending they know Travis Scott lyrics any day. 




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