Working In The Nightlife Industry: What’s It Really Like?

Working In The Nightlife Industry: What’s It Really Like?

Hola bebecitos,

I’m sorry for my inconsistency lately. I’ve honestly just been dealing with a case of SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder) and this has really affected my will to be productive. That said, I’m trying to force myself to do the things I love so I don’t lose myself. That was a dark start to this blog post but I’m just keeping it real!

Moving on, today I wanted to focus on careers and jobs. I’m not sure if I’ve mentioned this before but I currently work for the Government of Canada as a communications officer. I honestly love my job as it provides me with stability, a great pay, and it’s actually fun. With that said, on the side, I work in the nightlife industry and I’ve been through the ins and outs of it all.

To elaborate, I started off as a server, then I moved on to being a bartender, I’ve been a hostess, I’ve done cover, and now I work behind the scenes doing communications and marketing for a club. All in all, working in the nightlife industry has been fun and I don’t have too many complaints but there is a fucked up side to it. Today, I’ll talk about the good and the bad, no holds barred.

For starters, working in the clubs is great because it’s easy money, your tips are cash, you meet SO many people, and it’s a really fun job. Depending on where you work and what city you’re located in, you can be making $500 and up in tips ALONE in ONE night. That’s some people’s entire paycheck right there. Furthermore, you get paid your regular salary on top of that, which comes out to approximately an extra $200 give or take, depending on how many hours your work, the province you’re located in, and how many hours you work.

Personally, although the money is great, I really enjoy how many people I meet. A lot of the people I meet are people I end up going out with later or they’re people who are in the industry and who can hook me up with bottles, cover, coat check, line bypass, or whatever the case may be. I mean I don’t remember the last time I paid for bottles or cover in Ottawa and trust me when I say, this city is stingy.

On the other hand, working in the nightlife industry can really suck. You lose your weekends, you can end up drinking a lot more than you should, and if you’re a female, men can be very aggressive and well, just plain creepy. I remember one instance where I had a man push me up against a wall and put his two arms on either side of my body to prevent me from leaving. He then started saying all kinds of uncomfortable shit to me and it was just so scary.

It’s honestly impossible for security to be on top of all those types of moments especially if the club is packed so you really just have to be careful. Another time, when I was bartending, I told a patron I couldn’t serve him anymore as it was past 2AM, and he looked me dead in the eye, then yelled at me and told me he was going to come over the bar and grab a bottle himself if I didn’t serve him. I remember feeling really, really scared in that moment because I could tell he wasn’t afraid to get violent. If you’ve ever seen me IRL, I’m 5’3 and have never fought in my life!

Asides from the creepiness that stems from men, losing your weekends really does suck. I mean, it’s not like you can go clubbing on a day other than Friday or Saturday in Ottawa so if you’re scheduled to work all weekend, you’re kind of fucked. Additionally, when patrons are offering you drinks all night, although you’re not supposed to, you do get caught up in drinking… A LOT. This can cause you to gain weight, breakout, or just end up feeling really shitty all the time.

With all that in mind, if you’re in university or recently graduated and looking for a way to make some quick cash, make some friends, and have a shit ton of fun, I would totally recommend a job bartending or serving. It’s an industry that’s constantly evolving and has a high turnover rate so finding an actual job shouldn’t be too hard.

That’s all for today. Let me know if you have any questions!

Xoxo, seal.


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