Yes, I Still Fuck With Cardi B And What About It?

Yes, I Still Fuck With Cardi B And What About It?

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Oh my God, has the Internet been in such an uproar lately. From the Kardashians releasing the trailer to their newest upcoming season to Jussie Smollett being acquitted of all charges, I think one of the biggest stories that broke in pop culture was that of an old video of Cardi B going viral.

Now, nearly everything Mz Belcalis does goes viral; she’s dominating the charts, making guest appearances, getting cast in movies, and just being an overall bad ass bitch. With that being said, it seems the Barbz, aka Nicki Minaj’s fans, aka Cardi’s number one competitor, took it upon themselves to dig up some dirt on Cardi. In doing so, they were able to find an old live stream where Cardi, through tears, admits that she would solicit sex to men, then drug them and rob them during her stripper days.

Once this clip went viral, the Internet was divided into those who thought she should be jailed, comparing her to the likes of R. Kelly and Bill Cosby to those who actually have a brain realizing that she did what she had to do because well no offence but a man’s money is not comparable to a women’s body. I mean, hello? Cardi robbing a nigga is not the same as Robert Kelly grooming and raping underage girls. Regardless, of course, pick me Twitter and rapist apologists can’t seem to tell the difference.

Before I get into my thoughts on the whole situation, I want to address some of the comments I’ve seen of people calling Cardi “a bad influence”. I mean, hello? Cardi has NEVER said that her target audience was children and if you, as a grown man or women, are going to sit there and let Cardi’s actions from 3-5 years ago influence you now, I have to laugh. Let me get into it, with sources, because I don’t just pull shit out of my ass.

Realistically, what does Cardi do now that is so harmful? Be open about her sexual life with her husband? Oh wow, groundbreaking. A lot of the rappers you stan are only capable of rapping about all the bitches they fuck, their words, not mine. She dances explicitly? Dresses half-naked? I mean so do girls in the club and what about it? She has “loose morals”? I mean she’s religious, has advocated against racism, homophobia, white supremacism, and has spoken out against Donald Trump so I don’t know, it seems her morals are in check. She’s dumb? You might be misogynistic to Black women. Regardless, her old teachers have only had good things to say about her, and she was not only able to get into college, but she went from rags to riches and is now a millionaire while you sit there writing think pieces… About her. But yea, go awf sis! If a woman wants to own her sexuality, it’s NOT up to you to police that, as misogynistic and anti-black woman as you may be.

#BardiGang, bitch! Link to buy my case.

With that being said, I obviously don’t condone the actions Cardi spoke of in her live stream. They were fucked up and it sucks but really? If you were in a position where you had to unwillingly sell your body for sex just to buy food that night, or you had the option to rob the creep who wants to buy you, which would you choose? This society is so fucked up and just lacks empathy for not only sex workers, but women as a whole. Like yes, we get it, you hate women, especially women who are able to claim their sexuality. Just say that and go instead of making yourself look like a dumbass by making completely out of line, factually incorrect, and misleading comparisons.

To make matters worse, of course niggas had to come up with the dumbest hashtag they could; #SurvivingCardiB and it’s like… could y’all get any stupider? I doubt it. But again, Cardi didn’t rape anyone. If she actually *drugged* them, she did so in order to avoid having sex with them.

Now, here’s the thing, in Cardi’s apology statement, she explains that the men she was with were willing and aware, though she doesn’t specify of what. And honestly, the way I interpreted it was that she would agree to have sex with these men, bring them to a hotel, and she would encourage them to get really high, to the point of passing out. Key point being they were willing to consume these drugs. My interpretation could be wrong but if it’s not, then guess what? These men consented to taking those drugs.

Anyways, it’s up to Cardi to further clear her name. Personally, I’m standing by her because she did what she had to do to get out of a nasty situation. Niggas get shot everyday and you’re upset because she robbed someone? Your favorite rappers LITERALLY rap about killing people, selling drugs, abusing women, robbing niggas, and x other amount of illegal activities yet y’all are here for it? Leave it to a women to tell her truths and that’s when y’all decide to come out with this fake outrage? The stupidity is beyond me.

With that being said, the next time you want to rap along to City Girls talking about scamming mans, you should just sit there and eat your food. The next time you want to rap along to Rick Ross, you sit there and remember he exposed his own self for drugging women. Don’t be hypocritical. Just admit you don’t actually care about Cardi or the guys she robbed but you simply want to impress the men on your timeline, it’s okay, you’re a pick me, I get it. Or, contrarily, if you’re a nigga, just admit you hate sexual women and go. You’re probably not getting any from them anyway.

But hey man, maybe we’ll cancel Cardi when you cancel the men rapping about sex, drugs, guns, violence, gangs, theft, and rape. Oh wait, that’d be more than half the industry.


Xoxo, Seal.


Always pimpin, never simpin, baby!

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